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Sharpening businesses to their potential

Grindstone and Sword

About Me

About Me

An entrepreneur at heart, I love to help small businesses grow. Whether that is through a redesigned website, a local ad campaign, or redesigning your business card, I believe every business can become something exceptional.

I have worked with a wide variety of businesses from puppy adoptions to hearing centers, and I am excited to work with you too!

Grindstone Digital Marketing

How do you sharpen your business?

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You start with a free audit


  • What you're doing well

  • Where you can improve

  • Recommended strategy

  • General costs of freelancers and agencies

  • What services I could personally provide


  • No need for account access

  • Ready within a few days

  • Free!


  • Desktop and mobile website​

  • All social medias

  • Google Business Profile

  • SEO

Ready for your free audit?

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Then we set your goals


  • Improve the user experience on the existing website

  • Build a whole new website with all updated information

  • Increase sales through the website

  • Rank higher in the search results

  • Keep the website updated on a regular basis

  • Start running Google Ads to increase sales

Social Media

Google Business Profile

  • Gain more followers on my account

  • Improve engagement on my posts

  • Do more giveaways and raise awareness

  • Increase site traffic through social media

  • Run ads on social media

  • Rank higher in local search results

  • Delete poor pictures of my business

  • Complete information about my business


Next, you decide if you need to hire an agency, freelancer, or do it yourself



  • Some agencies work exclusively in your field

  • Have many resources and third party tools to help

  • Huge variety in skill set in house


  • Great communication skills

  • Often proficient in more than one area

  • Shorter or no contracts

  • Fast at completing projects


  • Long contracts

  • They work for the company, not for you

  • Work with multiple clients at a time

  • Since they have many skills, may not be an expert in any one area

  • Sometimes young and less experienced

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Lastly, we help sharpen your business to it's full potential

Web Design

  • Design/Development

  • UX/UI

  • Optimization

  • Lead Generation

PPC (Pay Per Click)

  • You only pay when they click

  • Google Ads​

  • Facebook Ads​​

GMB (Google My Business)

  • Manage how you appear on Google

  • Remove unwanted photos

  • Add missing or wrong info

  • Respond to comments/questions/reviews

  • Improves ranking in local searches​​

Social Media Management

  • Developing a social media strategy

  • Posting engaging content

  • Responding to messages/questions​/reviews

  • Managing giveaways/promotions

Email Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Improves organic traffic

  • Appear higher in search results over time

  • Improves ranking in local searches

  • Create email lists by customer intent

  • Develop campaigns targeted towards list

  • Automate who and when to send

  • Collecting emails effectively

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